Setting Up Wi-Fi Sync in 1Password 3 for iOS

1Password 3 for iOS is able to sync over your Wi-Fi home network with 1Password 3 for Mac, this guide will show you how to set that up.

Getting started

In order to use Wi-Fi Sync, you must have the following setup:

Step 1: Open 1Password for iOS, and go to the Wi-Fi Sync settings.

On iPhone: Tap More > Settings > Sync > Wi-Fi

On iPad: Tap Settings > Sync > Wi-Fi

Toggle the switch to ON.

iOS-Wi-Fi-Sync 1

Remember: Your iOS device and Mac must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and both iOS and Mac apps must be actively running.

Step 2: Tap the Allow New Connections button, enter your 1Password 3 for iOS Master Password, and tap the keyboard’s Go button. This displays the sync setup screen with two Secret Codes you must enter into 1Password on your Mac in the next step:

iOS-Wi-Fi-Sync 2

Step 3: With 1Password 3 for Mac open, you should see a section labeled Sync appear in the sidebar, with your iOS device’s name in it. You should also see a prompt on your Mac to enter the Secret Codes being displayed on your iOS device. Enter the Secret Codes.

iOS-Wi-Fi-Sync 3

If the prompt for secret codes does not appear, select the iOS device in the sidebar, and click the button labeled Sync Now in the lower right corner. This should force the prompt to appear.

If you select your iOS device in 1Password 3 for Mac’s sidebar, you can customize some preferences on the device settings screen, such as choosing whether to sync all your items or just specific folders, and whether sync occurs automatically when you have 1Password open on both iOS and Mac.

iOS-Wi-Fi-Sync 4

More Details

When you tap into the Wi-Fi Sync settings on your iOS device during an active Wi-Fi Sync, you can see the name of your Mac, the syncing progress, and whether data is actively transmitting via the spinning indicator next to the Wi-Fi signal icon at the top of the screen.

iOS-Wi-Fi-Sync 5


If you have trouble getting Wi-Fi Sync setup, please consult our Wi-Fi Sync Troubleshooting Guide, or contact our support team.

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