Multiple Vaults

1Password 4’s new multiple vaults feature gives you the freedom to separate and compartmentalise your data for any reason:

Each vault can be assigned a custom icon, colour, and password. It even has its own sync settings, which means you can sync your primary vault with iCloud, for example, and a work/team vault with a shared Dropbox folder.

Create a new vault

To create a new vault, open the main 1Password application and use the 1Password 4 > New Vault menu option.

New Vault menu option

1Password will display the vault creation screen.

New Vault creation screen

Personalise your new vault

There are a number of things you can do to personalise your new vault.

Personalise your new vault

1. Give it a name
2. Click the colour picker to select a custom colour
3. Double-click the icon to edit it

Personalise your new vault: Change the icon

If you decide not to use a custom icon, the default 1Password icon will be used, with the trim changed to the colour you chose.

4. Give the vault its own password
5. Be sure to enter a nice hint for yourself so there is no risk of forgetting the password

After creating the vault, 1Password will prompt you to unlock it using the password you just created. Notice something different? Now that you have more than one vault, 1Password will include the name of the vault in the prompt so that there’s no confusion.

Unlock your new vault

Populate your new vault

Add items to your vault by:

The first two options work the same way in additional vaults as they do in the primary vault, so it’s the third option that’s most interesting. To try it out, switch back to your primary vault.

Switch vaults

You’ll find the option to switch vaults in the 1Password 4 menu.

Switch to Vault menu option

An even easier way to switch vaults is to click the vault icon that appears in 1Password’s main application window once you have more than one vault.

Vault icon menu

Switch back to your primary vault now by using either option.

Send items from one vault to another

To send a particular item to your new Work vault, select the item and use the Item > Share menu, then select the vault name.

Send item to vault using Share menu

As an alternative to the menu option, you can click the Share icon in the item’s details pane, then select the Work vault in the menu.

Send item to vault

Multiple vaults and 1Password mini

Easily lock, unlock, switch and search your vaults right from 1Password mini, even if the main application isn’t open!

1Password mini vault selection

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