Welcome to 1Password 4

1Password makes you more productive while simultaneously increasing your security with strong, unique passwords for all your accounts. 1Password gives you the security you need in today's online world without slowing you down.

1Password has been protecting people and increasing their productivity for nearly a decade. 1Password 4 builds upon this rich history to bring you the best possible security with unmatched productivity. From every pixel to every bit, 1Password 4 is a brand new application that gives you the best of both worlds.

Welcome to the all new 1Password 4.

Every Pixel Reimagined

From the very first screen you can see 1Password 4's gorgeous new interface.

Once unlocked 1Password 4 reveals a brand new layout that lets your data shine. By using a simplified and refined interface your eyes can focus on your saved items. 1Password 4 demonstrates that a simple layout doesn't need to be boring.

1Password mini

1Password mini

1Password mini is a companion app that allows you to quickly and easily view and edit all of your information. 1Password mini is always available in your menu bar so you can use it from anywhere at any time.


Use Favorites to quickly access your most popular Logins and other items. Favorites automatically appear at the top of 1Password mini for quick filling.

Global Hotkey and Simple Searching

Use the Global Hotkey to open 1Password mini with a keyboard shortcut. The new fuzzy search makes it easier than ever to find what you need. A single click can automatically open Logins in your web browser, fill usernames and passwords, or copy item details to the clipboard.

By default the Global Hotkey is Option-Command-\ and it can be customized in 1Password's preferences.

Supports All Major Web Browsers

1Password has a rich history of browser extensions and 1Password 4 takes it to the next level yet again. By using a native Cocoa application 1Password 4's browser extensions are able to provide a much more refined interface.

In addition to being beautiful, the new extensions are now consistent across all web browsers and enable many powerful new features that were not available before.

Automatically Log Into Websites

1Password extensions provide easy access to all your website Logins directly within your favorite web browser. Automatically fill usernames and passwords with a single click.

Strong Password Generator

Generate strong, unique passwords quickly and easily with 1Password's Strong Password Generator. 1Password not only generates fantastic passwords but can also fill them automatically for you.

1Password makes strong, unique passwords easier to use than weak ones that you need to remember and type manually.

Automatically Fill Signup Forms

1Password makes it easy to signup to new websites. Simply select the Identity you want to use, and 1Password will handle the work of filling the signup form.

In addition to filling your name, email address, and address information, 1Password will also generate a new strong, unique password and fill it for you automatically. Signing up to websites has never been easier!

Automatically Save New Logins and Update Existing Ones

1Password will detect when you are logging into a new website and automatically prompt you to save a new Login. All you need to do is click the Save button and you're done.

Best of all, this Autosave window is consistent across all web browsers, works on websites that use multiple frames, and even works perfectly when running your browser full screen.

When you change a password for a website you have already saved, 1Password will prompt you to update your existing Login.

Access Your Data on All Your Devices

1Password is also available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone. 1Password protects you wherever you go.

Automatically Sync Using iCloud or Dropbox

1Password will keep your data in sync across all of your devices using iCloud, Dropbox, or your own custom sync solution.

Wi-Fi Syncing

Work around firewalls and restrictive corporate policies by manually syncing your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with Wi-Fi Syncing. Your data never leaves your local network.

1Password mini

Secure-er Than Ever

1Password has been the leader in its field for nearly a decade, and 1Password 4 once again takes security to a whole new level. The new data format in 1Password encrypts 100% of your information (including titles and URLs) using 256-bit AES encryption. In addition to stronger encryption, 1Password 4 prevents tampering of your data by using Authenticated Encryption to ensure data is only loaded if you're the one who put it there.

The only way to access your protected information is by knowing your Master Password. And speaking of Master Passwords, 1Password makes it harder than ever for the bad guys by calibrating the number of PBKDF2 iterations based on your hardware, thereby slowing down any brute-force attacks on your Master Password.

Security Audit

Strong, unique passwords are the cornerstone of any defense strategy. With 1Password 4's Security Audit it is easy to find duplicate or weak passwords that you may have created before using 1Password's Strong Password Generator.

If your workplace requires you to change your passwords regularly, use the Security Audit to easily find old passwords.

Multiple Login URLs

Store multiple URLs in a single Login to handily keep track of Logins that are needed on multiple domains.

Custom Fields

You can now add custom sections and fields to all items in 1Password! Customize items to fit your exact needs. Adding randomly generated answers for Security Questions is just one example of how useful this feature can be.

Custom Icons

Personalize your items with custom icons. Your secure data never looked so good!

Share Items With Friends and Colleagues

Easily share less-sensitive items with friends and colleagues over Email or iMessage.

Sorting and Filtering Options

1Password 4 provides powerful new sorting and filtering options.

Advanced Search

Find exactly what you need with multiple keywords and other advanced search options.

Smart Folders

After finding the perfect search, save it as a Smart Folder for future use.

Folders and Tags

Organize your items with Folders and Tags for quick access.

Securely Share With Family or Team Members

1Password allows you to organize your data into multiple vaults and securely share them with others. Use separate vaults to choose what you share and who you share it with.

The possibilities are endless! Best of all you can securely sync your vaults so everyone always has the latest information.

1Password Drops in on Mavericks

1Password 4 supports OS X Mavericks right out of the box, no waiting or software updates required.

And Much Much More!

Whew! That's quite the list and we're not even half way done yet. To prevent this document from going on forever, here's a quick run down on the other amazing features available in 1Password:

  1. Speed! 1Password 4 is faster than ever, even for vaults with 10,000+ items.
  2. You can now customize URL matching for subdomains in 1Password's preferences.
  3. Autosave now searches all vaults before asking to save/update logins.
  4. You can now choose which vault to use when saving a new login.
  5. You can now quit or lock 1Password, or change vaults, right in the middle of an edit without losing your changes. Return and resume editing at any time.
  6. Easily rename tags in the sidebar.
  7. Item note editing now supports undo/redo.
  8. The new "Find Backup" button enables you to restore externally stored backup files!
  9. When starting fresh with 1Password, such as on a new computer, you can now restore a 1Password backup.
  10. 1Password now offers Catalan and Danish localizations.
  11. When syncing with Dropbox, the Dropbox folder can be located anywhere on your Mac.
  12. Any sync conflicts are now automatically detected, merged and resolved.
  13. Browser extensions are now localized.
  14. Greatly improved Accessibility and VoiceOver support, especially within the browser extensions.
  15. Rich Icons allow items to shine with beautiful icons while not increasing the file size of your vault.
  16. Much more robust browser integration; no data syncing required between the browser and the main app.
  17. Consistent UI in all browsers. Autosubmit, Animate Fill, and Autosave settings sync across all browsers.
  18. Anchor items in 1Password mini for easy access.
  19. Go & Fill allows you to automatically open webpages and fill Logins.
  20. 1Click Bookmarks allow you to bookmark your Logins directly within your web browser for quick Go & Fill.
  21. 3rd Party integration with Alfred, LaunchBar, Quicksilver, and other productivity launchers.
  22. 1Password automatically clears copied passwords from your clipboard to keep your sensitive data secure.
  23. When saving a new Login with a generated password, 1Password 4 will convert the password into a Login item. This avoids duplicates and keeps your vault clean and tidy.
  24. Quickly toggle your Autosubmit setting by holding the Option key when filling a Login.
  25. Categories in the 1Password sidebar can now be reordered.
  26. Full support for Retina Display.
  27. Greatly improved initial setup experience.
  28. Support for multiple Google Chrome profiles.
  29. Global Lock keyboard shortcut to lock 1Password at any time.
  30. Improved extension security by requiring connecting web browsers to be properly code signed.
  31. Browser extension popup can be shown, even when the browser toolbar is hidden or while in full screen mode.
  32. Quickly find items you use the most often using Frequency and Last Used Date.

Secure and Convenient. That's 1Password.

The words "secure" and "convenient" never worked together in a sentence until we built 1Password. 1Password 4 takes both to a whole new level.