So, what's special about Categories?


The Categories view is the starting place to create and manage your items before you can organize them with Folders and Favorites. Categories make up the basic building blocks of your data inside the 1Password’s vault.

All Items Category

The All Items is the first category you see and it is also a special one that shows all the items you have in your vault. In this category, you can also perform a search across all of your items.

Categories in 1Password

Learn about the rest of categories and what they’re used for, there are a few other special categories like the Logins, Credit Cards, and Identities. Those categories can be used by 1Password to fill in your data into websites in the web mode.

Start adding items to your 1Password vault

Now, you know about the categories, the next step is to create your items.

Reorder your categories

As you start to populate your items in the categories, you might notice that there are some categories you use more often than the others. You can reorder the categories, so that it’s quicker for you to access them without scrolling and locating the category you want.

In Categories, tap on Edit on top left and then use the rightmost drag handler to drag your categories up and down to sort it the way you want it.

Tap on Edit on top lef Use the rightmost drag handler to move categories up and down

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