Some data in 1Password are just your favorites!

Are there items that you always use in 1Password and sometimes, you just wish 1Password shows it to you the moment you open 1Password? Well, now it can with the Favorites view.

Marking an item as a Favorite is easy and there are three ways you can do this:

1. Looking at an item? Just tap on the star of the top bar to mark it as a Favorite

Tap on the star on top

2. Tap on Edit in the top bar of Favorites to add items

Tap on + button to add an item Select an item to add it to Favorites Now, your item is quickly accessed in Favorites

3. In the Categories or Favorites view? Just navigate to the items you want as a Favorite and then swipe on them to star them as Favorites

Navigate to the item you want as a favorite Swipe the item from left to right Tap on the star to make it a favorite Now, it's a favorite!

You can also do this quicker by searching for the item and then swipe on it to add it as a Favorite.

Is that item no longer a Favorite? Simply remove it by:

1. Swiping on the item to remove its star and you can do this in any views, including Favorites itself

Swipe the item and tap on its yellow star to remove it

2. Tapping on the Edit button in the Favorites view and then tap on the red button to bring up the Remove button

Tap on Edit in Favorites Tap on the red mark on the left Tap on Remove to remove from Favorites

Just swiping on the Favorite items here will be quicker to remove than to use the Edit button

You can re-order your Favorite items to make it a bit quicker to find it:

Tap on Edit on top of your Favorites view and use the right-hand drag handler to drag the items up and down.

Tap on Edit on top of favorites Drag the items up and down using the right-hand drag handler

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