Master the Password Generator in 1Password

The Password Generator is one of the most important features in 1Password, it makes it easy for you to generate a strong password for everything in your world and with 1Password, you won’t have to remember all of them except for the master password.

When managing your items in 1Password, you may notice a dial icon in all password fields, that’s the 1Password’s Password Generator:

The Password Generator in password fields

Basic Password Generator

As you tap on the generator dial, the field will turn into a powerful field to let you control precisely how you want your password to look.

A partial password generator view

However, it’s just a partial view of the password generator. By default, it’ll show you;

  1. A new generated password automatically
  2. A color scheme to show the strength of the password: red being extremely weak, yellow is barely acceptable and green is strong
  3. An option to expand the advanced generator’s options via Show password recipe

Cooking with the 1Password’s password recipe

Showing the password recipe

Now, you can start cooking up a good password by mixing up the password recipe.

The table here will explain what each option in the recipe is for:

Ingredients Instructions
Type of Password You can use either Random or Pronounceable options to adjust its output, random looks..well random. Pronounceable is to break the password into sets, so that you can remember it in sets like “yo-this-is-a-password” instead of a random string of characters
Digits Adjust the number of digits that’ll show up in the password. Many sites will have requirements regarding this
Symbols Like Digits, this controls how many special characters you want to see in the password. This strengthen the password more than digits but some sites have requirements that does not allow such characters. Increase length to strength it if special characters are not allowed
Avoid ambiguity Avoid using similar characters like ‘0’, ‘O’, or ‘L’, ‘1’, “I”
Allow Repeats Do not repeat a character that’s already in the password
Copy to Clipboard This is a time-saving option to automatically copy the password to your clipboard as soon as you’re done cooking the password, so that you can share it in other place.

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