1PasswordAnywhere, access your data in your web browser without 1Password installed

Syncing your data with Dropbox but no 1Password app installed, like at a work or friend’s computer? You can still access your 1Password data via the web browser on Dropbox.com. In each 1Password data file, we built-in a web file that’ll allow your browser generate the web interface on Dropbox.com and then decrypt the data locally with your master password.

To do this:

1. Visit Dropbox.com in your modern web browser; Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported for now. We hope to expand the browser list over time. We do recommend using your browser’s private browsing mode if possible.

2. Locate your 1Password.agilekeychain folder and click on it to open it

Locate your 1Password folder on Dropbox.com

3. Now, in this folder, locate the 1Password.html file, click on it, and it’ll then open the 1PasswordAnywhere web interface to your data.

Click on 1Password.html to open the web 1PasswordAnywhere interface

4. Now, you can unlock with your master password and view your 1Password data. 1PasswordAnywhere will automatically lock after one minute. You should take all cautions to clear your browser cache when done with 1PasswordAnywhere. Note, this is automatically done if you’re using the private browsing mode.

Unlock with your master password Viewing your 1Password data

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