Frequently Asked Questions


Why is 1Password 4 a separate app and purchase?

The 1Password 3 Upgrade & Migration document covers these and other related questions.

What happened to 1Password Pro, will there be an update for it?

Everything is now included in just one app, 1Password 4 for iOS and it is a single app that can replace all of the 1Password 3 versions. No more trying to figure out which version you need, it’s just one app, one purchase…1Password.

What’s new in 1Password 4?

There’s too much to list here, so please jump over to the What’s New in 1Password 4 page for details.

Am I forced to upgrade to 1Password 4?

Heavens no! 1Password 3 for iOS will continue to work on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and we will continue to support it. Of course, if you don’t upgrade, you’ll be missing out on all the cool new 1Password 4 features.

Do I have to upgrade my Mac and Windows licenses?

No. 1Password 4 works wonderfully with the current versions of 1Password for Mac and Windows.

Can you show me more about 1Password 4?

Certainly! Jump on over to the 1Password 4 Home Page for lots of great information.

Where can I purchase?

1Password 4 for iOS is available in the App Store. Thank you for your support!

Why is 1Password rated 17+?

Apple rates apps according to the highest level of content that the user is able to access. Because you can access the internet through 1Password’s awesome new built-in browser, and internet content may contain mature content, it was necessary to rate 1Password as 17+.


I’m seeing “Checking Dropbox” or “Failed to list data folder”/”404 error” in Dropbox

1Password 4.1 has been released to fix this issue, please visit the App Store’s Updates section to download the update and try again. If not, try the suggestions here.

I’m seeing a 403 error when logging into Dropbox

If you don’t have the Dropbox for iOS app installed, you may see a 403 error when you try to log into your Dropbox account.

For now, please install the Dropbox app first and sign into your account there. Once installed, try enabling Dropbox sync again and this time it should authorize properly.

I’m stuck on “Checking iCloud” or iCloud isn’t working for me

1Password 4.1 has been released to fix this issue, please visit the App Store’s Updates section to download the update and it should work now.

If not, iCloud might take a bit of time to finish its sync. We recommend that you wait up to 10 minutes and restart the 1Password app and see if that fixes your issue.

If not, please follow the suggestions in this article.

1Password synced to iCloud but my data did not arrive?

At times, especially when syncing over Wi-Fi or cellular network, your items might not arrive instantly. While 1Password shows that the sync request is complete, the sync itself is handled by iOS. If you don’t see any errors and your change hasn’t arrived, try again in a few minutes, it will eventually show up. See iCloud Syncing for more details on how iCloud sync works.

How do I remove my data from iCloud?

Follow these instructions on how to remove your 1Password data from iCloud.

iCloud is grayed out in Sync Settings

1Password stores your data in an encrypted container inside your Documents & Data section of iCloud. If this is turned off, 1Password won’t be able to use iCloud. Follow these instructions to turn on iCloud Documents & Data.

Will you support iCloud in the Mac app in the future?

Yes, we will support iCloud in a free update to the Mac App Store version of 1Password for Mac. We’re working around the clock to get iCloud implemented in the Mac app, now that we’ve started supporting it in the iOS app first. As exciting as this update will be, we are unable to give you a release date.

Will iCloud sync be bought over to Windows or Android?

Unfortunately not, iCloud data sync is exclusive to Apple’s Mac and iOS App stores. This also excludes the website version of the older 1Password 3.8.x series.

How does 1Password work in Airplane Mode?

There is no need to do anything specifically when your iOS device is in the Airplane mode. 1Password is designed to be smart about this, so that you don’t have to worry about Internet and the syncs once you set up the sync.

For both iCloud and iTunes File Sharing, 1Password syncs to a secure local container on your iOS device, which iOS knows about. Once iOS is able to reach the Internet, it’ll use this local container to sync to the cloud and your other devices will pick up the updates made since your last access to the cloud.

For Dropbox, it knows about the Airplane mode and will not attempt to run any sync. The status bar under Dropbox refers to the last successful sync to Dropbox.

Editing Identity phone numbers on iOS don’t appear on my Desktop

You’re right, editing Identity phone numbers on iOS will make the phone numbers disappear from 1Password for Mac and Windows. The data actually syncs correctly but the desktop apps are not coded to read it yet. We’re working on fixing this.

How do I…?

How do I change 1Password’s locking behavior?

Check out the 1Password Security Settings on how to adjust it to match your needs.

How do I enable the Quick Unlock Code?

1Password 4 no longer prompts for the PIN code initially to unlock the app, a master password is required first. If you would like to enable a PIN code for after you unlock the app (it sure comes in handy while switching apps), you can enable the Quick Unlock Code in the 1Password Security Settings.

How do I view the password hint for my master password?

1Password 4 will automatically prompt you the password hint every three incorrect attempts you make.

I have other questions about the Security settings in 1Password…

If your questions aren’t answered in the Security Settings article, please read this FAQs instead.

How do I search in 1Password 4?

There are two ways to search, a global search and a narrowed search specific to a category.

Does 1Password 4 have special URLs / support Launch Center Pro?

Yes, starting with 1Password 4.1, we have added more URL schemes to it. Here’s the table listing them:

URL Scheme What does it do?
onepassword4:// Open the 1Password 4 app
onepassword4://search/search term Search for the search term in the 1Password 4’s All Items Category
ophttp:// If you add op to the beginning of the http:// addresses in your mobile browsers like Mobile Safari, it’ll open this URL in the 1Password’s browser
ophttps:// Same as above, only for https:// addresses

Answers For 1Password 3 Users

What should I do with 1Password 3, now that I have 1Password 4?

It is always a good idea to make sure you back up your 1Password data in 1Password 3. Once you do this, verify that everything looks good in 1Password 4, especially the data, and then feel free to remove 1Password 3 on your iOS devices.

When you delete 1Password 3, you’ll see a message indicating that deleting the app will also delete all of its data. This is only deleting the data stored in version 3 and will not affect 1Password 4’s data, nor will it affect any data being synced via iCloud and/or Dropbox.

Sometimes direct import from 1Password 3 for iOS doesn’t work

There are two reasons this could happen:

Why is Wi-Fi syncing not available?

Please read our latest blog post here to stay up to date on the issue here.

I’m unable to sync; it freezes during setup

Some older data files will get stuck on “Checking iCloud” and “Checking Dropbox” during initial setup. This is fixed in version 4.0.3, please update at the iOS App Store and it should prevent the app from being frozen. Read either the iCloud or Dropbox help articles to resolve this.

Why can’t I enable iCloud on 1Password for Mac and Windows?

iCloud is only available on iOS at this time.

We’re working on bringing iCloud syncing to Mac in the new year. As for Windows, iCloud is not supported there yet and it’s not clear if it ever will be. For Windows, we recommend using Dropbox instead.

I’ve just upgraded to 1Password 4 from version 3, but version 4 won’t accept my master password!

Sorry about that! The system we had in 1Password 3 where you can have a master password just for iOS devices while using a different one for your computers is no longer used.

More often than not, it has confused many of our customers, and with a unified experience, it will be easier on everyone using 1Password everywhere.

If you have 1Password on your computers, 1Password 4 will use the master password of that 1Password app on the computer and that’ll be the same master password everywhere. Note that if you change your master password in 1Password 4 for iOS, it’ll sync the change to your computers as well as other iOS devices.

If you find it necessary to change your Master Password to something a little easier to type, we have an article that may help you find a great balance between memorable, convenient, and secure.

Also, we do have a Quick Unlock Code feature to make it easier to use a 4-digit code after you initially unlock with your master password.

I can’t find 1Password 3 for my older iOS devices, how do I download it?

Customers who bought 1Password 3 in the past would be able to re-download 1Password 3 for free without any time restrictions. All of your previous purchases will remain in the Purchases section of your App Store app.

On the iPad, you can find 1Password 3 under P in the App Store if you sort it by names. If you bought 1Password 3 for iPhone, you need to tap on the iPhone Apps on top left to find 1Password.

On the iPhones, you will not see 1Password 3 for iPad since it cannot be installed on the iPhone.

Note that the search field in the Purchases section is for the App Store only, it will not search the Purchases list and since 1Password 3 is not available in the App Store, you won’t be able to locate 1Password like that.

At the moment, new customers will not be able to purchase 1Password 3 for the older device.

Known Issues

There is no space bar when searching within the web mode

For now, please use ‘/’ as the delimiter instead of space bar, like Sport/Bars instead of Sport Bars. We’re working on adding a space bar in a future update to 1Password.

Older attachments or duplicates of attachments are not deleted from the iOS app

At the moment, 1Password 4 for iOS is not able to remove files in its local data file, this will be fixed in an update to 1Password 4.

Since the iOS app can’t remove the attachments, when replacing attachments in the desktop apps, both the older and newer attachments will show up in the iOS apps. They’ll have the same name and icon but the changes you made will show up in the most recent attachment.

I am missing many icons for my software

We are continuing to expand the number of software icons available for your software. As we include more icons, these will become available for you to enjoy in 1Password.

Tapping on + in Folders is not creating a folder

This is a known issue with iPad in Portrait mode. Please switch to landscape mode to add new folders. We will fix this as soon as we can.

Some of my older email items from 1Password 3 for Mac are showing up as Logins instead of Email items

This is a compatibility issue with the older email template that was released in the early days of 1Password 3 for Mac. Right now, 1Password 4 for iOS doesn’t read that as an Email item but rather as a Login item. We’re working on an update to fix this.

For now, if you must have those items in the Email category, you’ll need to recreate those items in 1Password 3 for Mac. Do not duplicate as that’ll duplicate with the older template. Creating a new Email item will use the newer template and they’ll show up as Email items in 1Password 4 for iOS.

Did you notice…?

Thank you for helping make 1Password the best it can be! Here’s a few minor issues that have been reported:

We’re working on fixing these in a future update. Please contact us for help if you don’t see your issues here.

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